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When winter comes around, one of the first concerns that homeowners have is just how effective their furnace will be in the colder months. If you have not been paying attention to your furnace throughout the rest of the year, then you may be unpleasantly surprised to find out that your furnace is not functioning as it should or that your fuel bills are suddenly unnecessarily high.

While it may seem to be cost-efficient to hold onto your old furnace as long as possible, the reality of it is that by replacing an older furnace now with a new, more fuel-efficient American Standard furnace, you will begin saving money right away and also have a quieter, more comfortable home with reliable heating.

What to Look for in a New Furnace

Choosing a new furnace for your home is somewhat difficult, because there are a number of different considerations. This is not like buying another appliance at all. There are mathematical calculations that need to be done to determine just how much energy output you need to keep your entire home comfortable.

One mistake that many people make is that they buy a furnace that is too powerful for their home, and although that may seem like a good idea, it is a terrible way to waste fuel. On the other hand, if you buy a furnace that is substantially less powerful than you require, you may never get the level of comfort that you need or want, and you are far more likely to overwork your furnace.

Should You Consider an American Standard Furnace?

American Standard is a well-known brand that has been around since the 1880s. Originally, they made some of the earliest cast iron radiators and are now one of the leading companies in heating and air-conditioning. American Standard is known for quality, efficiency, and reliability, and one of the particular benefits of installing an American Standard is that almost every HVAC contractor has worked on one, so getting them repaired or installed is very easy.

What Types of Furnaces Does This Company Make?

American Standard makes a variety of variable speed furnaces for all size homes and climates. These are ranked all the way up to 97.3 AFUE, which means that out of every one dollar in fuel, 97.3 cents will be used to heat your home. These are considered to provide ultimate comfort and superior efficiency, and they also come with a variety of rebates and tax credits considering they are Energy Star products.

The Platinum ZV furnace is a fully modulating furnace, operating anywhere from 40% to 100% firing, allowing you to have the best quality heating throughout your home. This is able to automatically communicate and coordinate with other systems in your home using the Acculink Communicating System, which is a high-tech system patented by American Standard.

One definite benefit of purchasing an American Standard furnace is that these are faster and easier to install than other brands, and they are less invasive on your home because of the small size. This has a very simple connection, making installation very quick and affordable in most cases, and that means even more savings.

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Where Should You Buy Your American Standard Furnace?

There are now more options than ever before when it comes to buying a furnace for your home, and that is especially the case when you are looking at an American Standard. When you are doing your research on purchasing a new furnace, it is certainly worthwhile to get quotes from various contractors along with recommendations as to what size, make, and model of furnace they would recommend. Then, take that information and go online to see what kind of price you can get if you were to buy the furnace on your own.

What may surprise you is that you can buy any of the American Standard furnace models at a much lower priced online than what a contractor would charge you. If you do so, you should check with the contractor to determine if there will be any change in their installation price should you go ahead and purchase your own product. But, by buying an American Standard furnace, you will get a furnace that is easy and quick to install, saving you money.

What Benefits Will You See with a New Furnace?

The most obvious benefit of buying a new furnace for any home is that you will see a reduction in your fuel bills from day one. But, there are additional benefits such as the fact that new furnaces tend to be much quieter and operate more effectively than older ones. Plus, with all of the high-tech features that are now included, you will have more versatility and how you control the heat throughout your entire home.


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Overview Of The American Standard Furnace
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Overview Of The American Standard Furnace
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