Is the Goodman Gas Furnace Any Good? Is It a Good Brand?


Let’s start off by comparing Goodman to other brands.

Goodman versus Trane

Goodman and Trane are about the same according to most consumers and installation experts. Although Goodman excels in price, Trane offers more reliability.

Goodman Versus American Standard

Goodman is far superior to American Standard furnaces. Most consumer rankings put American Standard in the lower third of furnace manufacturers.

Goodman Versus Lennox

Goodman is a far superior product compared to Lennox. Although Lennox is a more well-known name because of advertising, Goodman is better quality, lower priced and much more reliable.

Goodman Versus Amana

Amana is one of the top five brands of furnace manufacturers out there, and it is a better furnace than Goodman according to most consumer reports. However, Amana is also an expensive brand to install.

Goodman Versus Bryant

Most consumer reports put Bryant down around the 20th spot in a list of major furnace manufacturers, while Goodman falls much higher. Although Goodman is not in the top five, it is a much better furnace than Bryant.

Goodman Versus Carrier

Carrier is actually one of the least liked brands out there. In a consumer poll by a leading furnace review website, Carrier ended up at the number 25th spot on a list of 29 furnace manufacturers, while Goodman got the number nine spot.

What Does Consumer Reports Say About Goodman?

Consumer Reports lists Goodman as one of the two main manufacturers of furnaces, and notes that while most brands offer a similar array of features, choosing the right furnace has more to do with the right furnace for your needs than the manufacturer. Consumer Reports does not have any negative listings or reviews about Goodman on their furnace manufacturers page.

Review Of Top Goodman Furnace Models:


The Goodman GMV95 is a decent furnace with a good warranty. It does offer up to 96% AFUE performance, and multiple-position installation. The best part is definitely that $0.96 of every $1.00 that you spend on heating actually goes to heating your home, and not out the window – quite literally. Goodman furnaces are lower priced, and feature a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a ten year warranty on other parts.


The GMH95 is an entry level furnace with two stages, and while it is a good price and runs well, there are some features that are missing from the GMH95. First, it lacks a variable-speed motor. Variable-speed motors use much less electricity than other furnaces and we’re not talking about a tiny difference. Variable speed motors use 75-100 watts compared to 300-400 watts with continuous circulation. The other problem is that this two stage furnace relies on timers that just can’t compete with modern technology, and will not keep your home as comfortable as other furnaces will. That being said. Goodman is an excellent brand, and they have good warranties and even better prices.


The GKS9 is a single-stage multi-speed gas furnace that features a 92.1 AFUE performance rating. The good things about this furnace include the warranty, which is just as good and in some ways better than other furnaces, and the price, which is almost always better with Goodman products. The bad thing about this furnace is that a 92.1% AFUE rating, while respectable, isn’t great. There are other furnaces that are more efficient, even other Goodman products that will save you more money in the long run.


Goodman modulating furnaces are a great choice, because they offer very precise modulation to heat your home. That means that temperatures are more consistent, and the entire home is usually the same temperature rather than having hot and cold spots around the house. Also, with modulating furnaces, the heater ramps up slowly so that you don’t have an initial blast of cold air while waiting for the heat to kick in. However, the downside to this is that modulating units are more expensive than other types, but they usually save you money in the long run depending upon the AFUE rating.

80% Efficiency

Goodman 80% efficiency furnaces are often single-stage furnaces. While these are great furnaces to buy because of the low price, they aren’t very efficient. Goodman does offer some variations in models like the Twin Comfort Performance furnace, which is an 80% that can be turned into a two stage model. That means that it will run at low efficiency most of the time but can be turned up when necessary. Goodman excels in price on all their models and their warranty is just as good if not better than other manufacturers.


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