Does Goodman Have a Furnace Warranty?


Is The Warranty Transferable?

The Goodman warranty is not transferable, unless you are a contractor building and selling a home. The Goodman warranty is only valid with the first homeowner who owns the unit.

Which Parts Are Under The Warranty?

The Goodman warranty offers a 5-10 year warranty on all functional parts and a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. You must register your warranty online within 90 days to get the 10 year warranty, otherwise it becomes a five-year.

How To Register a Goodman Furnace Warranty

You can visit to register your Goodman product.

Where To Look Up Warranty Information

You can look up specific warranty information for a product by viewing the residential or commercial product on the Goodman site at or you can view general warranty information at

Does The Heat Exchanger Have a Warranty?

The heat exchanger has a limited lifetime warranty. However, make sure you register your product online within 90 days.


Goodman Furnace Warranty




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Does Goodman Have a Furnace Warranty?
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Does Goodman Have a Furnace Warranty?
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