Tips For Troubleshooting Your Goodman Gas Furnace


Where Is My Pressure Switch Located? What Do I Do If It Won’t Close?

When the pressure switch on your Goodman furnace is open, and power cannot pass through, the furnace starts the inducer to begin the heating process. If the pressure switch is closed, where power can pass through, the IFC will stop the process and try again. In the meantime, it will go into lockout mode. The pressure switch is located to the top left of the inducer (the big black thing when you pull the cover from your Goodman furnace.)

Why Does My Goodman Keep Turning On And Off?

Your Goodman furnace will go into lockout mode and try to turn on again if something happens during the inducing process to halt it. Some of the things that might be happening are: the pressure switch is open, a short in the pressure switch circuit, blockages in the flue or many other reasons.

Why Does The Blower Keep Running?

In Goodman furnaces, the relay switches for the fan (there are two of them) are integrated into the circuit board. If the blower keeps running, you may have to replace the circuit board.

Goodman Furnace Not Igniting Burners

If this is the case, it could be several things, depending upon the error code that you are getting. If the burner does not ignite, gas could be not reaching the burner, the flame may not be lighting or the vent motor may not be running. It could also be the pressure switch, or blockage in the vent.

How to fix a goodman gas furnaceWhat Is The Phone Number For Goodman?

Goodman technical support will usually only assist authorized Goodman technicians. If you want to get your furnace repaired, you will likely have to call your HVAC technician. However, if you want to contact Goodman you can do so at 1-877-254-4729.

Goodman Furnace Diagnostics Guide

Your Goodman furnace includes a diagnostic system that will tell you what sort of problem is occurring based on the number of times the LED flashes. Here is a general diagnostic guide for Goodman furnaces. However, you should consult your manual or the guide on the door of your furnace to make sure that your system does not have different diagnostics.

1 LED flash (blinking on and off)

This means the furnace locked itself out because it tried to ignite three times and could not do so. You can solve this by cutting power to your Goodman furnace for 30 seconds, or by lowering your thermostat to what it was before you turned it up and then try to turn it up again. Your furnace will automatically try again after an hour of lockout.

2 LED flashes

This means that the blower is not working, or the pressure switch circuit has a short in it. You may have to repair the short circuit or replace the pressure switch. Make sure you cut power to your furnace before beginning any work.

3 LED flashes

The pressure switch circuit is open or the induced draft blower is going. Check the pressure switch hose for blockages and ensure it is connected properly. Check the flue for blockages and look for loose wiring.

4 LED flashes

Your furnace’s primary limit circuit is open, probably from loose wiring. You also might have a blocked filter. Check the wiring, clean the filters and make sure the flue is open and clear.

5 LED flashes

Five LED flashes mean that there is a flame before the thermostat has called for heat. This is probably because the gas valve closed to slowly or some other reason that caused the burner flame to stay lit longer than it should.

7 LED flashes

This means there is a low flame. Probably from low gas pressure or a coated flame sensor. Adjust the gas pressure after turning off the power.

8 LED flashes

This means that there is a problem with the igniter circuit. The igniter could be bad or just not connected properly. Check the wiring or replace the igniter if necessary.

9 LED flashes

This means that the high stage pressure switch is not closing, causing the high stage draft blower to run. This probably means that the pressure switch hose is blocked, or the flue is. Also, loose wiring again may be the culprit. Check the pressure hose and the flue for blockages and correct if necessary, or replace or correct wiring that is loose or not wired properly.

10 LED flashes

If the LED flashes continuously, this is indicative of a furnace with reversed polarity. You will have to look at the wiring diagram and correct the wiring polarity to fix this problem.

Working on your furnace can be dangerous, even for someone experienced in home repairs. It is always a good idea to contact your local HVAC technician to fix a problem rather than trying to do it yourself.

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Tips For Troubleshooting Your Goodman Gas Furnace
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Tips For Troubleshooting Your Goodman Gas Furnace
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