Is a Payne Furnace Right For You?


Many people will go their entire life without purchasing a new furnace, simply because so few of us spend our lifetime in one home.

Considering that most furnaces or warranty for 10 years or more and that they often last much longer, chances are that you know very little about the furnace you have or how to choose a new one. But, if your existing furnace is starting to fail or the operating costs are just too high, you may want to consider purchasing a Payne furnace.

This company has been making heating and cooling products since 1914, ever since the owner began developing gravity-based furnaces in Los Angeles. These were the very first forced air furnaces to hit the market, and by the 1950s, Payne was making air-conditioning products for people in Southern California. However, Payne now makes some of the most advanced furnaces at the best possible prices.

When Should You Consider Buying a New Furnace?

You should never make the mistake that many people do, which is waiting until their furnace dies before looking for a new one. If your existing furnace is more than 10 or 15 years old, then it is certainly not operating at its maximum capacity, and you could be burning a lot of fuel unnecessarily. Also, many older furnaces have a tendency to be considerably louder than the newer models, which means that they can get disruptive to your household.

It is also not a good idea to wait until the middle of winter before having your furnace inspected or replaced. By taking the time to make this purchase when your local HVAC contractors or less busy, you will save money and be able to get the right furnace for your home.

Should You Buy a Payne Furnace?

There are several different reasons why many people choose to buy a Payne furnace, and for the most part these come down to energy efficiency. This company places a lot of focus on creating highly energy-efficient furnaces that will help you save money not only in the long run, but from the very first day you install it.

Payne furnaces include two stages of heating as well is a variable ECM motor. This is a blower motor that helps to provide a longer cycle that is more gentle, along with sound levels that are lower and significant fuel efficiency that you will not get in other models. This company also makes furnaces that are specifically designed for the fuel requirements of California.

What Types of Furnaces Does Payne Make?

In addition to traditional gas furnaces, Payne also makes condensing furnaces, fan coils, heat pumps, air conditioners, duct free furnaces, and a wide variety of other products designed for keeping your house comfortable. One thing that is certainly the case with any pain furnace is that this is a product that is designed to last, and will be considerably far more fuel-efficient than your existing model.

Where Can You Get a Payne Furnace?

When you are shopping for a furnace of any kind, there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind, not least of which is the cost of installation. They have a reputation for being extremely affordable to have installed and the parts are also very easy to find. But, one problem that people have when purchasing any furnace is that when they buy it directly through their HVAC contractor as part of an installation package, they end up paying far more than they need to.

Even though you cannot easily by the furnace of your choice at your local home improvement store, when you go online you will see that you can find a variety of Payne furnaces as well as various parts at a highly discounted price. When you buy your own furnace, you will need to keep in mind that it will need to be delivered and that you may end up paying a little more for installation, but you should still and up saving a lot of money.

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What Benefits Should You Expect After Installation?

Many people prefer to buy large ticket items such as this from American companies, and sewed choosing a Payne furnace certainly fits the bill. Not only is this company known for providing high-quality heating and air-conditioning products, but since it is an American company, finding parts and getting qualified installation is actually very easy.

The most prominent benefit you will receive when you buy one is that you will see a significantly lower fuel bill essentially from the very first month that you install this. Not only will a Payne furnace help to save you money, but you will find that it is easier to use, and certainly quieter to run.


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Is a Payne Furnace Right For You?
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Is a Payne Furnace Right For You?
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