York Furnace Reviews


Here’s a few reviews we found around the web on the York Furnace. Sorted by Pros and Cons.

The Pros

“Very Satisfied”
As I read through all of these reviews and here all of the problems people have had with their York equipment, I can’t help myself from wanting to contact each dissatisfied consumer. Most of the problems I read about people having to go back to the installer or service contractor. I am the service manager for the top selling York dealer in Central Wisconsin. I have sold other brands of equipment and service all brands. All HVAC manufacturers have some issues with equipment at some point in their history. Some choose to address the problem, some don’t. York stands behind their equipment more than any other company I have ever dealt with. We have very few problems with the York equipment we install. The top complaints on here are pressure switches and blowers. Switches very seldom fail, it’s often diagnosed as a switch but 90% of the time it’s a simple problem that was overlooked. Blower failure is usually caused by bad ductwork, closed or blocked registers, most commonly a dirty air filter. Most manufacturers use the exact same motor. All I can say is choose a reputable company, not the cheapest one and not always the most expensive one. If they know what they are doing from the start, you will have a care free heating or cooling season. Hire someone you can trust not to rip you off with cleanings and repairs, no matter what the brand is and you will be left feeling comfort with your system.

The Cons

“York products are junk”
I replaced my Lennox heater with a York gy9s approximately 6 years ago. From the day I install, it has been a problem. Coldest night of the year, a vacuum valve stuck causing no heat. a year later the blower fan blew apart during a major cold front (2 degree weather for 5 straight days). Part was under warranty but York would not policy adjust the labor. I came home last night to the house at 50 degrees and vibrating. Again, York piece of crap blower blew apart! I had previously contacted York and they were the most arrogant, ignorant, non customer service company that I have ever dealt with. I’m in my 25th year of customer service so my expectation level may be high but to have York basically tell me to pound sand was over the top of crappy customer service. Now that I have to replace this part again tells me that the product is absolute junk and the “fine” folks at York won’t stand behind their product. Other reviews criticize the installers but since this is a sealed unit, there is absolutely no way that it is an installer issue. Bottom line, don’t piss your money away, stay away from York products


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York Furnace Reviews
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York Furnace Reviews
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